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We are one of the very few master workshops in Germany that can restore your brass instrument to tip-top condition. We rebuild defective or old valves by hand, using a process that we have developed ourselves, so that your instrument can once again sound its best.

We first fashion copies of the original valves using top-quality stainless steel. We retain as many original parts as possible such as the casing, the valve stems and buttons, in order to preserve the value of the instrument. We air-hone the valve casings so that they are nice and round again. We then re-hone the valves so that the instrument is once again airtight. Accurate, careful restoration ensures that your instrument will play for many a year to come. Numerous customers from all over the world can bear witness to the quality of our work.



Before – After

Reparatur Arbeitsschritte - Restauration von Ventilen