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You’ll find finished instruments and blanks here. The following pictures provide some examples of our handiwork – and we do mean by hand! And if you’re looking for custom-made instruments, you’ve also come to the right place!
After a detailed discussion, we will manufacture according to specification or reproduce an original instrument. All instruments are available in brass, gold brass and German silver. Needless to say, we do more than just what you see here… We’ll be happy to provide information on prices and turnaround times either in person, by e-mail or telephone. Give us a call – we’ll be happy to help.


B-Ventil Posaune 3 ventilig

B-flat 3-valve trombone EXCLUSIVE

Brass bell, 250 mm diameter; brass valve casings; valves of high-quality stainless steel (bore diameter 12.7 mm); slides consist entirely of German silver. You’ll love the way this instrument responds and holds its tune, and the way it looks! 
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B-flat concert trumpet with detachable bell

1 brass bell 0.48 lacquered 
1 gold brass bell 0.42 lacquered 
1 copper bell 0.37 lacquered (all hand-made) 
Valve assembly including slides are silver plated; 
Water key on tuning slide 
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Bariton in B, ovale Bauart

Baritone horn in B-flat, oval

4 valves, 
Reinforced bottom and bell of gold brass: lead-bent 
one-piece bell, 
valve assembly in German silver, 
bronze valves

Jazz-Trompete in B

Jazz trumpet in B-flat

Gold bronze; 
one-piece bell lead-bent; 
Bronze valve casings; 
valve assembly silver- and gold-plated;
slide rings: 1st/3rd slide

Kornett in B

Coronet in B-flat

Mouthpipe in German silver; 
brass bell; 
Removable bell with German silver crown 
Tuning slide: 1st/3rd slide


B-flat concert trumpet

Thickness: 0.40 mm; 
one-piece leadpipe; 
lightweight   slide ring: 3rd. slide


B-flat Flugelhorn

in gold bronze, 
bell-guard lead bent, 
one-piece leadpipe, 
thickness: 0.40 mm, 
slide ring: 3rd. slide

Jazz-Trompete in B

Jazz trumpet in B-flat

hand-bent leadpipe in red bronze, 
thickness: 0.45 mm, 
all slides and mouthpipe in German silver, 
slide ring: 1st/3rd slide

Trompete in B

B-flat trumpet

in gold bronze, 
lead-bent bell, 
thickness: 0.50 mm, 
German silver slides, 
Curved parts of gold bronze, 
slide ring: 1st/3rd slide